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This site is established to help combat veterans of any war like World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan Wars, family or friends identify and understand what PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is and how to deal with it.
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What is PTSD? The first step is to realize that you or someone you know may have symptoms that are debilitating. You may recognize issues with anger, anxiety, depression, alcohol or drug addiction, problems in relationships or holding jobs or wanting to be alone.
Overcome the Stigma The military community sometimes does not respect a soldier with a mental health issue. Peers and superiors saw it as weak. It could be damaging to a career in the military. Fortunately things are changing. The stigma associated with combat stress are being more responsibly addressed.
How to Seek Help We encourage veterans to seek help with the VA ( Department of Veteran's Affairs). There are locations around the country with hospitals and clinics. They have experts that can help. You or someone you care about have earned the right to this service. Take the first step.
Filing a Disability Claim If you qualify with a service connected disability you may need to seek financial assistance. It is important to start a claim early because if you are awarded a disability pension it will be based on when your claim was filed.
PTSD Coping Skills Your life was changed from your combat experiences. It is up to you do deal with it. Medication and counseling can help, but the main role is in your hands.
My Personal Experience I served as a combat Marine in 1966-67 in Vietnam. I thought I was OK to go home but on my return I realized that I wasn't OK. I was rejected like many returning vets in that era and buried my past in my gut and my head. I finally had to address the problems many years later.

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